uNext – An Online Education Technology Platform

uNext – An Online Education Technology Platform

U18 is and was always meant to be a Technology and Services Platform, providing Universities with both access to Technology as well as the Services required to run a successful Online Education Program.

Coming in as early as 2009, when one could at best depend upon foss (free and open source) solutions like moodle, Angel (since then acquired by Blackboard)  amongst a couple of others, OR commercials systems like Blackboard that’d set you back quite a few $$$’s per student per year,  meant that we needed to build our own systems and applications to provide a robust, seamless and customised to our requirements experience to the students and Universities.

Out of this necessity was born uNext, a suite of applications working together to provide a seamless experience to the online university student. An online application system integrated with the University’s ERP, and then further plugged into an LCMS, a social networking/collaboration forum, an ebook library, an online proctored testing platform and a backend that ensures all the housekeeping tasks happen as they’re supposed to, makes uNext a killer product.

Combined with this , a set of Android applications gives students access to all there features on their phones and tablets,  making a U18 program a truly ‘liberating’ experience.

2014-15 should see the uNext platform being offered publicly , to non-U18 partner Institutions. Watch this space for more.


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