What is a Online Degree worth (to you)?

What is a Online Degree worth (to you)?

It’s quite relative actually. A Masters or Graduate Degree could make no change to some lives, and yet, put some people’s careers on an entirely different trajectory! That would also be true for all degrees – ones earned full time on campus, as well as those earned studying part-time or via distance education. Why shouldn’t it be true for the degree that one gets after completing a program online?

I do find that we end up mixing up our understanding of the entire academic program most of the time – for instance, there is no such thing as an Online Degree!!! You’re actually completing a University Program Online / or a Online Program from the University, which leads to a Degree! The degree that a student attending a University Program Online would be basically the same as the one that would be awarded to a student who spent the 2 -3 years on campus. Essentially, the Programs are Online or Part Time or via Distance or Online, not the Degrees!

I often get asked by prospective students whether they should choose an Online Program over an on Campus Program. My answer, more often that not is – GO FOR THE CAMPUS PROGRAM! That is, if you can afford to carve out two years from your life, i.e drop your job / put your career on hold, and also have managed to get into the kind of Institution that you feel represents the quality education you would like your CV to carry for the rest of your life. But, if you can’t or don’t want to do any of the above, absolutely, pick a University offering Online Programs, and go right ahead!

Going back to the question that we began with – look at it as an investment. An investment of both time and money. What would be the ‘Return-On-Investment’ or ROI of the x number of hours of your time spent every week over the next two – three years, and not to mention the money you pay as fees, over the REMAINDER of your working life??? An MBA, where you spend lets say 8 hours a week over two years, and about INR 80,000, would probably help you get a pay raise or a bump up in your earnings, however little. That incremental amount over the next 25 years or so would amount to ? I’m guessing you already know the answer to that.

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Happy Investing in Yourself!

Why consider an Online Degree A University Degree is now just a click away!

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